Norwich Underwater Search & Rescue Team

The Norwich Underwater Search & Rescue team was developed by the Taftville and Yantic fire
companies, who saw that there was a need for a dive team in Norwich.  Previously, the Norwich
Emergency Management had provided divers for the City of Norwich.  However, this team has lost
membership and Norwich responders have had to rely on outside agencies to provide divers for
drowning victims.  The majority of the time, the CT State Police are the closest team.  This team is
efficient and effective however, it can take troopers some time to organize and respond.  The two
fire companies felt that with the current active membership that the two departments have, it was
time to organize a team to cover Norwich.  

The first stage of the project was obtaining funding for training and the second stage was training
members.  Since January of 2009, six members from each department have been in training in local
pools, ponds and the ocean.  Soon, other members will begin their training to become diver
tenders.  The goal is for the team to be trained and ready to start responding by July 1, 2009.
More info to follow as it become available
Members training in the Conn College Pool                Diver Marciano Jumps in the pool
Chief Jencks and Lt MIlhomme donn their dive gear           Taftville and Yantic members dive in Jamestown RI
Acquired Dive truck from Norwich Emergency Management at the Taftville station
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