UPDATED Feb 17, 2021
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The Taftville and Yantic fire company's  Norwich
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Engine Tank-22 to Salem Kitchen Fire

Feb 4, 2021 - This morning at 09:22hrs ET-22 responded with a crew of 6 to a
kitchen fire in the town of Salem on Carvalho Dr.
Engine 21 to City Dwelling Fire, Tower Covers City

Jan 31, 2021 - Engine-21 operated at a dwelling fire on North St in the City of
Norwich.  Tower-25 covered the City from Fire Headquarters
EngineTank-22 to Lisbon Garage Fire

Jan 29, 2021 - Engine-Tank-22 responded to a well involved fire at a
garage/workshop.  Crews went to work with handlines extinguishing the fire.  The
garage was a total loss.  Cause is under investigation.
Turbine Fire at the Lofts

Dec 17,2020 - Just after 3pm the Taftville & Occum fire departments responded to
the Lofts at Ponemah Mills for a fire alarm.  Upon arrival crews found no active
alarms and the alarm panel showing in normal status.   After inquiring about where
the alarm had originated from, updated information stated it was in the exciter room
which crews knew that was located in the power station in the basement of the mill
ell.  This fire alarm system is separate from the rest of the mill.  Crews gain access by
forcing gates and doors after smelling smoke in the area and found a smoke
condition in the exciter room, odor of electrical burning and found the two activated
smoke detectors.  While crews were investigating, workers for the power plant arrived
and worked with firefighters to determine the source of the smoke.    One of the
power plant workers reported smoke emitting from the turbine building which had
been put online earlier in the day and is separate from the main mill.  As the door
was opened, heat and smoke started venting from the building.  A "working fire" was
declared adding the Mohegan Tribal FAST as a rescue team for firefighters who had
to decsend the only metal stairs to find the source of the fire.  The power plant
workers warned that the turbine was still energized and they were starting shut down
procedures.  Crews entered the smoke filled building with dry chemical and CO2
extinguishers and found the turbine still in operation with embers and heavy smoke
emitting from the turbine.  Firefighters and Plant operators where able to shut down
and secure power to the unit and the fire diminished. The turbine was still turning as
the gates from the canal was still open preventing crews from being able to check the
extent of fire damage.  The source of the smoke in the main building was determined
to be from the turbine that traveled through the conduit into the excite room whihc
found two smoke detectors activating the alarm.   The cause is still under
investigation. Thank You to the Yantic Fire Engine Co#1 for covering our district
while units were committed.
Kitchen fire at St Marys Rectory in Baltic

Nov 22, 2020 - at 12:08hrs Tower-25, Engine-21 were assigned to a 1st Alarm
Assignment to the town of Baltic for a building fire at the St Marys Rectory on W Main
St.  ET-22 was added by Baltic command for additional manpower.  Upon arrival
Tower-25 was assigned to assist fire suppression crews, search and ventilation
duties.  Engine-21 and ET-22's crew joined the Tower crew in assisting in all these
duties.  The fire was contained to the kitchen area with smoke damage through out
the building.  No injuries were reported.  additional photos added
Dry conditions leads to underground fire

Nov 9, 2020 - At 10:45hrs Monday morning Engine-21 was dispatched to a brush fire
on Ox Hill Rd.  On scene crews found a smoulder fire at the #6 tee hole of the new
disc golf course.  250 ft of hose was deployed uphill to extinguish the stubborn fire.  
The fire was underground and in a fallen tree.  After 500 gallons of water was used to
wet down  the area,  crews scraping the surface of the ground with hand tools found it
evident that the water was not penetrating the ground and just running off the top.  
Tactics were changed to a environmentally safe Class A USDA forest service
approved woodland firefighting foam to penetrate the ground and extinguish the fire.  
It was reported that the fire may have started from a improperly discarded smoking
material.  We remind everyone that we are still in a drought and conditions are just
right for forest fires. Crews operated for 1.5 hours.
Engine and Tower to City barn fire

Nov 8, 2020 - at 05:42hrs Engine-21 and Tower-25 operated with 10 personnel at a
2nd Alarm fire on Corning Rd in the city.  The fire was reported as a barn fire.  it was
a barn/4 bay garage. 1 horse died from the fire. cause is under investigation.
3rd floor Apartment Fire
Oct 31, 2020 - Around 1am Taftville was dispatched to Norwich Ave for a building
fire.  While enroute, PD on scene reported the fire had been knocked down by the
resident. Dep. Chief Jencks arrived to find the fire had been knocked down but was
still active with the apartment charged with smoke.  A working fire was declared.  
Upon arrival of Engine-21, an attack line was stretched to the 3rd floor and the
remaining fire was extinguished in the bedroom and walls.  No injuries reported.
Thank You to the Occum FD for assistance with fireground support.   Eng-21,
Tower-25, ET-22, & Eng-42 responded.
PD find Rubbish Fire, one arrested

Oct 6, 2020 - Just after 3am this morning Taftville Fire was dispatched to a reported
dumpster fire on Norwich Ave that was discovered by Norwich police on patrol
investigating suspicious activity behind Dairy Queen. Engine-21 & ET-22 arrived to
find a rubbish fire between the dumpsters. One attack line was stretched and the fire
quickly extinguished. One suspect was taking into custody for criminal activity. Photo
used with permission by Ct Fire Photographer Joe Shefer.
Engine & Tower on City 2nd Alarm

Aug 4, 2020 - At 16:25hrs Car-20, Tower-25, & ET-22 with 12 personnel responded
to the 2nd Alarm of Fire in the Greenville Section of Norwich.  22 laid out 500 ft of
5inch supply hose from a hydrant to Tower-25 . Crews were on scene for 2 hours.  
Cause is under investigation. Several firefighters were evaluated for heat related
Engine,Tower,Squad to Jewett City fire

July 30, 2020 - At 18:05hrs Tower-25, Et-22 & Squad-2 responded to a multi-family
dwelling fire in the Borough of Jewett City.  Crews arrived to find the rear of a large 3
story dwelling well involved.   Crews fought the fire from the exterior and interior, hold
the damage to the rear.  One exposure building in the rear was damaged by heat.  
Cause is under investigation by Griswold FMO
Shed Fire on Hunters Ave

July 27, 2020 - At 01:28hrs Taftville was alerted to a brush fire on Hunters Ave, while
enroute the PD updated the fire to a shed fire.  Eng-21,Tower-25,& ET-22 arrived to find
an active fire in a 6’ X 8’ shed close to a dwelling. One attack line was placed in service
and the fire was quickly knocked down. The cause is under investigation by the Norwich
fire marshals and Norwich PD.  If anyone saw something prior to the fire or may know
something about the fire you are asked to call the Norwich Police 860-886-5561 or the
Norwich Fire marshals office at 860-887-2780. Photos used with permission by CT fire
photographer Joe Shefer