Updated August 16, 2014
Taftville Fire Dept.
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Taftville Fire Department
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Engine & Rescue on Occum MVA
January 23, 2013 - At 06:58hrs, Occum & Taftville responded to RT-97 @ I-395 for an auto
accident with injuries. Units arrived and found a 2 car head-on with 2 injuries. Occum & Taftville
crews treated the injuried and controlled all hazards. 2 patients were transported by American
Ambulance. Units that responded N-4,Sq-4,ET-42, Car-2,20,Rescue-2, ET-22, (2) AASI
ambulances and NPD. The road was reopened by 8am
Mutual aid to Occum Kitchen Fire
January 22, 2012 - at 20:54hrs tonight, Occum & Taftvile responded to 252 Old Canterbury
turnpike for a kitchen fire. N-40,48,ET-42,Eng-41, Car-2,20,28,ET-21,22, Sq-2.R-2 responded.
There was a small grease fire which was extinguished. This is te 2nd fire in 4 days at this
mobile home park. The building was ventilated and metered. The Norwich FMO is investigating
Providence St Kitchen Fire
January 26, 2014
- Taftville responded to its 3rd house fire in the last 30hrs, around 5pm this evening
Taftville was dispatched to 78 Providence st for a building fire. Car 28 & ET-21 arrived with fire showing
from the kitchen of a 2 story duplex. The fire was quickly held to the kitchen. 1 engine from Occum also
Norwich Ave 2nd Alarm Building Fire

May 22, 2013 - Just before midnight Norwich PD received numerous 911 calss reporting a
building fire at 490 Norwich Ave.  Captain Todd MIlhomme arrived to find fire venting out the rear
of a 6 family apartment building. Crews arrived and went right to work stretching hoselines and
laddering the building to provide ventilation.  Assistance for Ocum, Yantic, City of Norwich,
Lisbon & Mohegan Tribal FAST team.
ET-21 to Boswell Ave fire

June 5, 2013 - At 17:12hrs Taftville was alerted to assist City of Norwich firefighters with a house
fire at 367 Boswell Ave. Car-2, Car-329, ET-21 went into the scene and was put to work on
numerous tasks. Crews worked for about 2 hours. Norwich FMO is investigating.
Truck vs Pedestrian on Merchants Ave

June 3, 2013 - At 10:30hrs this AM after a strong rain band was pouring down on the village of
Taftville, Taftville Fire was alerted to an auto vs pedstrian with 1 victim in the road unresponsive.
Car-20, Squad-2, Norwich PD & American medics responded. Units arrived to find it to be as
dispatched. Taftville FD EMTS provided emergency medical care and stabilized the patient until
the arrival of the medic crew. The accident is under investigation by Norwich PD. .
Dumpster Fire at Riverview Condos

April 21, 2013 -Today at 16:16hrs Taftville was alerted to a dumpster fire at the construction site
of the Riverview condos on Rt-97. Car-2,20,28, ET-21, & Et-22 responded and found a dumpster
with construction debris, hazmat canisters and other debris on fire. the fire was extinguished with
water and foam. The cause is undetermined. Dumpster fires are very hazardous to fire fighters
as you just never know what they contain. they could have tires, dangerous canisters, propane
tanks, or gas cans mixed in with normal debris.
Taftville firefighters assist on Occum Motorcycle accident

April  21, 2013 -.Just before 12pm today, Occum & Taftville crews were dispatched to a
motorcycle accident on I-395 NB at Exit-83. Two (2) Taftvile members came across this accident
just after it happened and rendered medical aid to an unconscious, barely breathing operator.
After rendered important medical treatment the patient began breathing and regained
consciousness by the time medics arrived. All the victims were transported by American medics
to Backus while CSP is investigating. The photo was taken by a passerby and passed onto us.
The photo shows ET-21's & some Rescue-2 members crew with the 2 passing Taftville members
treating the victim.
Dryer fire on Taftville-Occum Rd

April 2, 2013 - Just before 16:00hrs, Taftville was alerted to a dryer fire on Taftville-Occum Rd.
Dep Chief Tom Jencks (Car-20) arrived with light smoke from a 2 story taxpayer. Upon
investigation he found active fire in the dryer. ET-21 stretched a handline and extinguished the
fire while Tower-25 assisted in ventilation. Norwich FMO is investigating
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Fire at Kelly Middle School

March 4, 2013 -This morning at 02:38hrs, Taftville was alerted to a fire alarm at Kelly middle
School. Upon arrival crews found moderate smoke and heat condition in the west wing with a
sprinkler flow. Extra enignes form yantic to scene while ET-22 hooked into the FDC for
sprinkler supoort. Crews located the fire in a science classroom. The building was ventilated
and the fire extingushed. The smoke and water damage is estimated to be in the hundred
thousands. There will no school today while cleaning crews clean up the mess. The cause is
under invetsigation by the Norwich FMO
Rescue-2 to I-395 Extrication

December 16, 2013 - At 13:00hrs Taftville Car-20,28, & Rescue-2 responded to I-395 at exit-83
in Lisbon for a rollover with extrication. Taftville assisted crews from Lisbon FD, American Medic,
Griswold Ambulance, Lifestar helicopter, & Occum FD. Once on scene Rescue-2 crew assessed
the scene, stabilized the truck with paratech struts and worked jointly with Lisbon crews to extricate
the victim and bring them to the awaiting lifestar helicopter. It appears the truck lost control on the
bridge on the northbound side, went through the guardrail into the southbound side and rolled
onto it roof trapping the driver. Upon completing extrication, the patient was loaded into Lifestar
and taken to a trauma center. In this photo the victim had been extricated and you can see lifestar
starting to land on the highway in the background.CSP are investigating.
Auto vs Building
August 16. 2014 -  At approximately 8am Car 2, ET-21 and Rescue 2 responded to the report of a car vs
building. Upon arrival crews found the driver still in the vehicle. The vehicle was stabilized, the driver then
exited the vehicle. Due to the position of the car, the layout of the ground, the patient was secured to a stair
chair and extricated from the hole. American transported the patient. Norwich PD is investigating.
Kitchen Fire on Nashua St
August 13. 2014 -   At 18:06hrs Norwich 911 received numerous calls for a working kitchen fire at 36
Nashua St in Occum. Occum, Taftville and Baltic all responded and found the living room on fire, crews
knocked the fire down with in 20 minutes. Norwich FMO is investigating.
Mobile Home Fire in Oakland Heights
July 8. 2014 -  At 12:37hrs Taftville was alerted to a trailer fire at Oakland Heights senior park. At
12:41hrs dispatch activated the working fire protocol. ET-21 arrived under the command of Lt Marciano to
find dark,smokey smoulding fire in the living room area. Crews vented, forces entry and extinguished the
fire. A tremendous amount of heat was added to the fire when the furnace kicked from fire. Aid from Eng2
and East Great Plains tanker due to the water supply being over 2000 ft away. A cat was rescued and
CPR was performed but the cat succumb to its injuries. Cause is under investigation.
Commercial Garage fire in Griswold
May 4. 2014 -  At 03:13hrs Taftville was alerted for their RIT team for a commercial building fire in the
town of Griswold. Car-2,20, & ET-22 responded. Upon arrival the building was completely destroyed by
fire, due to late notification to the FD of the fire. 1 passerby called 911 to report the fire. Once on scene
Taftville was re-assigned to water supply and filled 6 tankers with 24,000 gallons of water to fight the fire.

3rd Alarm House fire on Washington St
April 13 2014 - At 8:19hrs after just returning from a EMS call, Taftville was dispatched on a 2nd Alarm
assignment to 218 Washington St in the city for a building fire with people trapped. Car-2, 28, ET-21,&
Tower-25 responded immediately with 10 personnel, upon arrival where put to work. ET-21's crew
conducted primary searches on the 1st & 2nd floor, removing an occupant on the #1 floor. The quickly
consumed the queen anne building. Evacuations tones were transmitted, all firefighters exited the building,
defensive operations commenced with Tower-25 using its big guns on the bucket to knocked down heavy
fire. After the knock down, 21's crew returned to the 3rd floor opening up walls/ceiling to find hidden
pockets of fire. 1 Taftville firefighter fell in a hole in the basement and luckily was not injuried! The cause is
under investigation
Tower 25 to arson fire in Griswold
April 5. 2014 -  At 00:15hrs Tower 25 was assigned to working building fire in Jewett City. The building
was a vacant 2 1/2 story farmhouse on Hopeville rd with heavy fire in the rear on arrival. Tower 25 crew
provided manpower to open walls and find hidden pockets of fire. Crews worked for 2 hours to completely
extinguish the fire. ET-22 provides station cover at the Jewett City Fire Department during this incident.
Bedroom Fire on Railroad Ave
January 25. 2014 - At 11:52hrs, The Occum FD along with assistance from Taftville was dispatched to 28
Railroad Ave for a building fire. After numerous 911 calls and N-48 comfirming a fire, additional assistance
from Baltic and RIT team from Yantic was assigned to the alarm. Crews found a fire in the 2nd floor
bedroom that was extending into the attic. Crews made a quick attack, opened walls to stop the fire from
accessing the attic.  The Norwich FMO is investigating.
Bobcat Tractor fire on RT-97
August 13. 2014 -   At 18:06hrs Norwich 911 received numerous calls for a working kitchen fire at 36
Nashua St in Occum. Occum, Taftville and Baltic all responded and found the living room on fire, crews
knocked the fire down with in 20 minutes. Norwich FMO is investigating.